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Monday, June 27, 2005

the final end: WE ARE ALREADY MISSING YOU.......

hi everybody! i'm here again. today we have had the Maria's exam!! the exam has been good, although the composition and the listening has been a little bit difficult. i'm not going to have any other exam till 7th of July, so i'm going to relax a bit.

ALthought i'm happy, today has been a sad day, because today we have had to say goodbye to our mates from Ciudad Real (yes, i know that I said this once, but that time was the end of the classes, and today it's the real goodbye, becuase we are not going to see them again)

I would like to say that these girls (FLORY; PELIMORY; MARIAJO; LOURDES & MONICA), you have been a wonderful class mates and i have no words to say about you. I will say that knowing you has been one of the best thing that, almost in my case, has happen. You have demostrate me that you are very nice and intelligent people(and of course pretty), and i would like to wish you GOOD LUCK in your life because you worth it.

well, i don't want to teel you anything else, because i told you what i wanted in person; but i wanted to give it clear.

GIRLS, remember that we are here, and we will remember you, ok?but this is not a "GOODBYE", it's just an "HASTA LA VISTA, BABY"


Sunday, June 26, 2005

the composition

hi everybody!
maria, somebody told me that we have to do a composition of giving thanks to somebody, and we have to put it in the blog, so here is mine.
anyway, i'm going to send you the compositions i have to your e-mail. ok?thank u. bye


There are some people that I have to give thanks. I have got two groups: in one hand my family, and in other hand my friends. All of them are very important for me for different reasons

I have to say thanks to my family because I live with them and they support me every day (although sometimes it’s in the other way); but in the whole I know they love me very much and they worry about what happens me or I do

The other group of people that I have to give thanks is my friends. They are one of the most important pillars of my life, since they hear me when I am up and when I am down. They give me advices and happiness when I need and that is the reason for that I give thanks to them.

In conclusion, I love them and I hope they know it and feel the same.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

breath, breath

Hi guys!

The worst have passed!yes. This last days have been horrible!

On Monday I had the exam of SOCIO (elena que dios nos ayude)
ON Tuesday I had the French exam at the language school (elena que dios nos ayude otra vez)
And on Wednesday I had the exam of DIDACTICA INGLESA (cielo, ayudanos, please)

I can sure you that it has been three heavy days in which I just studied, studied and more studied! I need to reax, but just a little bit because the next exam is the Maria's exam!!!
MARIA, PLEASE, don't be very taugh with us, PLEASE; I BEG YOU....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

preparing the worst :(

I have finish the Elvira's exam and i have to say that it was good. But now I have to prepare to the worst week, because the next week I have 5 EXAMS IN 3 DAYS!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Maybe you have asked yourself what i'm going to do, the answer is easy: I'm going to do 3. But is going to be a very difficult decission, becuase on Tuesday I have the English exam at the language school, and I can't do it! I'm very very sad about that, because this is my last year and I would like to finish now, but I'm going to wait to September to prove my luck and my English knowledges!
It could be my last English exam at the language school and I can't imagine that!

I hope to have power to study for all the subjects that are waitting me (I DON'T WANNA DO IT......!!!)

Monday, June 13, 2005

A little relax

Hi! I’m happy, because I’m going to be a little bit relaxed, because I’m not going to have any other exam till the next week.

JESUS, thank you very much for the shakira’s cd, it’s very good! [Boys, buy it or copy it ;) it worth it]

Another thing: JESUS, SAGRA don’t try strange things! You know what I mean? Yes, stop to planning strange things between “M” and me. I just tell you that, there’s not enough time to do something and that wouldn’t work out.

Be prepared for Elvira’s exam!! And prepared for the next week ( the worst week of all, almost for me)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

this is just he beginning

hi guys!
i think this time is the worst of the whole year. I've just had 3 exams and it looks like 30!!I'm so tired of studying! And this is just the beginning! I can't imagine the next two weeks!!
well, i have had another two exams: TEORIAS and LENGUA. the first was very difficult, and the second was very large but I think I have some possibilities to pass it. My next exam will by on Friday, so I will tell you the next day, ok? bye
AHH! and wish me luck, please....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the first exam

Hi! In my last comment, I said that I had several exams that are on the same day, do you remember it? Well, the first two exams were today, and I have had to choose one to do. I’ve chosen BASES PSICOLOGICAS, and the worst of it, is that it has been a little bit difficult. I just hope to pass it, because if I fail, I will have lost the time. The worst is that my next exam is the day after tomorrow. PLEASE, HELP!!!